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    Vi Vadi Rustico

    Steaks and brick-oven pizza

    True to its name, this rustic locale serves up specialities hot off the lava stone and pizza from a traditional brick oven. If you're looking for an affordable lunch menu, a relaxing afternoon cappuccino, or a delicious dinner by candlelight, Vi Vado Rustico is not to be missed. It offers space for around 90 guests, which also makes it an excellent choice for all kinds of celebrations.

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    Ristorante Vi Vadi

    Cucina Italiana dal 1999
    At Ristorante Vi Vadi, you can tuck into a breakfast that will get every day off on the right foot and enjoy first-rate coffee from one of Germany's oldest roasteries.


    Ristorante & bar lounge
    Here, you can look forward to an abundant breakfast, a diverse range of business lunch options perfect for a tight schedule, Italian specialities, and a selection of outstanding wines.

    Nikkei Grill

    Fusion kitchen Peru-Japan
    Nikkei cuisine has its roots in the Japanese immigrant population of Peru. It thus represents an intriguing blend of East and West.