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    Ristorante & bar lounge

    This restaurant offers abundant breakfasts, a diverse range of business lunch options perfect for a tight schedule, Italian specialities, and a selection of outstanding wines. The cosy bar lounge, meanwhile, invites you to stay just a bit longer and enjoy its exotic cocktails, tasty snacks, and relaxing music.

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    Ristorante Vi Vadi

    Cucina Italiana dal 1999
    At Ristorante Vi Vadi, you can tuck into a breakfast that will get every day off on the right foot and enjoy first-rate coffee from one of Germany's oldest roasteries.

    Vivadi Rustico

    Steaks and brick-oven pizza
    True to its name, this rustic locale serves up specialities hot off the lava stone and pizza from a traditional brick oven.

    Nikkei Grill

    Fusion kitchen Peru-Japan
    Nikkei cuisine has its roots in the Japanese immigrant population of Peru. It thus represents an intriguing blend of East and West.